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Reco: James Blake wins my album of the year

Published by Jack Lo Russo on / 1 min read

Vinyl record of 'Playing Robots Into Heaven' by James Blake

James Blake’s ‘Playing Robots Into Heaven’ is my pick for album of the year. I don’t even need to see what December brings — I’m calling it now.

Excellent release that calls back to his dubstep roots. It’s a real genre bender, with some pop and glitched-out moments mixed in for good measure. One to listen to through a nice pair of headphones or a good soundsystem!

Since this #reco is doubling as my #album-of-the-year post, I’ll give an honourable mention to my runner-up: ‘Mid Air’ by Romy. The final member of The xx to release a solo album, this one was worth the wait. Danceable, ecstatic hyper-pop with some really beautiful, tender moments.

It’s kind of nostalgic: these recos would feel right at home in my 2009-2013 era of music. I guess I haven’t changed all that much!

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