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Reco: Erin Kissane's 'Meta in Myanmar' series

Published by Jack Lo Russo on / 1 min read

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Erin Kissane has released an incredibly well-researched series of four posts that deep dive into Meta’s — or, to avoid an anachronism, Facebook’s — role in the genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

I tried to write a tight two or three paragraphs about the role Meta played in the genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar, and why it made me dubious about Threads. Over time, those two or three paragraphs turned into a long summary, then a detailed timeline, then an unholy hybrid of blog post and research paper.

What I learned in the process was so starkly awful that I finally set the whole series aside for a while until I could do a lot more reading and write something more substantial. Nearly three months later, I’m ready to share my notes.

They’re long reads, and considering the subject matter it can be rough going, but they’re worth your time.

You could start with the meta-post with notes on terminology and sources.

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