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Jack smiling while holding a kangaroo joey

About me

I'm a 90's kid who oscillates between being super excited by technology, and wanting to escape it. Perhaps surprisingly, both of these modes have proved useful in building software as a career. I like simple solutions to complex problems. I try to keep in mind that everything we do is ultimately about people.

My current job title is 'Software Engineer', but I've also been called a 'Design Technologist', 'Product Designer' and 'shopping mall retail wage slave' in the past. I'm currently working on the Atlassian Design System with a bunch of really clever people.

I live in sunny Sydney, Australia with my partner and my two cats, Luna and Boof. My little home means everything to me.

About this site

In past incarnations has been more of a portfolio, or a glorified business card. Now, it's an old-school blog. A public notebook!